Monday, February 23, 2015

You are a SUPER HERO! Yes....YOU!

Boy!  Which quote to include here?  How about this one?

LOVE that TPT has taken on this amazing theme for their big sale!
Teachers (and that means all who teach...assistants, homeschooling parents, moms, dads, siblings, etc) are definitely unsung heroes!

 It's time for the TPT sale where you, the Hero, can save a bundle. 

I along with many other sellers will have our stores on sale for 20% off, then TPT will give you an additional discount if you use the code HEROES, making your total savings 28%!

So in order to help you SAVE even more, I thought I would highlight a few bundles from my store.  (Click on the pictures to take you to the products.)

We have been using these Explain-It-All kiddos all year long in our instruction.  Inside, you will find a variety of activities, including flip flaps, pre and post tests, example cards, games, and so on.
(I haven't posted Cynthia's Synonyms yet, but sure do hope to by the sale.)

One day my son was home sick and slept most of the day.  I wanted to be close to be able to check on him, but quiet enough so I wouldn't wake him.  That's how the Snip-Its series was born.
I have had many people tell me that these are great for word work activities.

This is one of my favorite things I have in my store.  I love the variety of hands on, research, and flip flap activities.  It's just the way I like to teach...a sprinkle of this, a dash of  that....

My fab friend Jennifer, from Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley was so kind to lend me her template for these choice boards.  My kiddos love them!  I use them for homework, early finishers, and enrichment.  Perfect for "differentiation", too!

 Now, last, but not least, how about a chance to win a $20 gift card to TPT!?!?!

All you have to do is enter to win!
 Thank you for all YOU do for KIDS!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

8000 Facebook Fans Celebration

Never in my wildest imagination did I think this would EVER happen!

I started TPT as a creative outlet and to grow my technology skills.  
Here is what my first TPT payout looked like
Promise not to laugh?

Hahaha!  Obviously I had no business skills.  
For the first few years I dabbled in TPT when I had time.

Then, I met this amazing group of ladies who saved me from myself.  (Thankfully!)

I have made some AMAZING friendships along the way, learned about technology, and marketing, and grown so much as a teacher!

I am thankful every day for TPT and Paul Edelman, who founded TPT.  What a great example of someone who saw a need, filled that need, and made thousands of teachers available to come to my classroom every day simply through the click of a button.

When they say life-changing, to me, that describes TPT perfectly and for so many reasons!

So, who is ready to celebrate with me?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Five for Friday (a little late)

So along with my goal of being a better blogger, I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for 

Remember, I said I was going to be a better blogger, not a timely blogger (but there's always next week!).

So here's a look back at my week.

Ahhh!  New Year's Eve in my pajamas...on the couch...  YEP!  That's the life!  Super cold here this year anyway!  So we rang in the new year at home...just the way we like it...snacks, movies and did I mention pajamas?

This great quote came up on Lynda Morgat's (Curls and a Smile) IG feed.  LOVE it...stole it!
Can you think of anything that this doesn't encompass?  Great goals for the new year!  Are you ready?
I also managed to pump out a few new products!  YAY!  You can grab these Snip-Its individually or bundled.  If you like integrated learning based around one topic, you may be interested in this Arctic Animals unit.  One stop planning! 

This is one of my favorite parts of this past week!  A new look to my blog.  Doesn't Christi over at Design by Christi do an amazing job?  Love her!  

Here is my favorite new app of the week.  This is fabulous!  It has preset spinners, or you can use it to make one for just about anything.  I programmed all of my students' names into one spinner and now we have a random student name generator.  I can't wait to use this on Monday!

So that's it!  A look back at my week.
I have missed my kiddos an awful lot so I can't wait to get back to them this week.
I also can't wait to see what great things are in store next week!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's time for Currently!

Going along with my resolution to be a better blogger, idea collector, idea sharer, and social media whiz (hahaha!) here comes the first post of the (almost) new year!

I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh, Boy Fourth Grade for Currently.

Sooooooooooooooo here we go!

So we live in Vegas...perfect place to ring in the new year, right?
Today on the news they reported that it is colder here than in ALASKA!
Brrrrrrrrr!!!  I believe it!
I've done the whole downtown's cool...but what's that old saying, been there...

So we are rocking in 2015 at home with some hot happenin' 80s tunes.  Just listened to John Cougar (my 80s guy) and now we've got some Billy Ocean...HEY!  You!  Get into my car! 

LOVING my amazing NYE date.  Love that we always hold hands and "jump" into the new year.  Something he made up a long time ago. ready to jump at midnight PST!
Here's my sweet guy on our first NYE together (not quite 4 months old).
Cutest date in town, right?

Is it just me or is there more and more in the news lately about food...or is it being put in my path for a reason?  Honestly, it's to the point I don't know what to eat anymore!
I just signed up for the 100 Days of Real Food mini pledge.  I can't wait to see what it's all about.  You can read more here about it if you're interested.  If you join up, be sure to let me know.  I need a buddy!
100 Days of Real Food

Wanting...oh, so wanting this crazy arm to get all better.  I have been experiencing some lymphedema (a swelling in the arm).  Fortunately, it's not painful, just a pain.  It's caused from overuse and by the fact that I don't have any lymph nodes under my arm.  Boo to me.  I've spent a large part of winter break going for massage therapy.  Doesn't that sound great...yeah, no deep tissue massage pleasure here.  And when I'm done, my arms gets wrapped a mummy.  Not fun!  Here's what I look like when I leave.  Try fitting any kind of sleeve over that big, bad boy.  Could be worse though!  (and excuse my slouchy self)

Notice that I put "one more week of winter break" under needing and not wanting?  I have so many things that we haven't done yet.  BUT we still have a few more days left.  Feeling thankful for the time off that I spent with friends and family.  That's the best...some jobs can just be put on the back burner, right?

My wish for 2015?  Couldn't wish for anything more than health, happiness, love, and life in 2015 for all.  So what's your wish for the new year?  I'd love to hear it.  Why not leave it in the comments section?  I'll help you wish it true!

Since I heart me some Brad Paisley, let me leave you with this

That's it!  Peace out 2014.  Ready to make some new memories in 2015!
3 1/2 hours and counting until we "jump" into 2015!!
Are you ready?

Friday, December 26, 2014

Jump into January Blog Hop

Well, Christmas sure flew by quickly, if you ask me.  All that prepping and planning and in the blink of an eye, it's over.  I love that when my son was little he used to walk around all year long telling us that he had a Christmas heart.  Awww!  I need to ask him if he still feels that way!

So I know it seems that we were just in school yesterday and probably aren't thinking one little bit about going back, right?  Welllllllllllll...truth be either, BUT, several friends and I wanted to get together and make that task just a little easier for you.

So we're presenting the 
Blog Hop Button

 Hop around to grab the no/low prep freebies, and then enter to win an 
Amazon gift card at the end of the hop! 

I am the twelfth stop!

Here's my NO prep freebie to use your first week back! 

So here is my FREEBIE.
It's part of an upcoming pack and you can grab it simply by clicking on the picture.
This is part of an upcoming bigger pack. 
It's perfect for purposeful work for your early finishers.
If you like it, watch for the complete pack coming in January.
 Now hop on over to my sweet friend, Larueen, over at Teach With Laughter by clicking the button below! 
Next Stop

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Giving Back...My Favorite Time of Year

I am trying so hard to remember to breathe this season...breathe and take it all in.  

I love the hustle and bustle, the lights, the excitement in children's (and grownup's) eyes, the wonderful spirit of it all, and the true meaning of Christmas. 

Ahhhhhhh!!!  Breathe!

As many of you know I am incredibly grateful for all things TpT...the friends, the sharing of ideas, the knowledge gained, and of course the ability to support our little family. 

I always love giving back.  I always spend a percentage of my earning to help a family, support a worthy cause, or donate to a charity.  I can't help it...I love sharing!

A fellow TPTer came up with a dedicated day of giving, so I couldn't help but join in!  LOVE!
Tomorrow, 50% of what I earn will go to provide Christmas for children.
The person that coined the phrase "Christmas is for children", couldn't be more accurate.  
50% of the profits from your purchases on December 14th will go directly to fund as many family Christmases as I can make it stretch.

You can find my store by clicking here.

To find other amazing bloggers and sellers that are participating, just check out the space below!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Sketchy Guy Winter Graphics Giveaway!

Sorry for all the hopping around, but this prize is TOTALLY worth it!
I have had so much help along my TPT journey that it's more than time to pay it forward.

I found A Sketchy Guy on TPT about a year or so ago and purchased a few things.  Then I realized he was from Vegas!  HELLO!  We are neighbors????  At the TPT conference I got to meet him and his beautiful wife Susan, who has her own TPT shop and blog, called School Bells N Whistles.
Such a sweet and fun couple!

...and did you see him featured in the TPT newsletter this week?

By entering the Rafflecopter below and "liking" A Sketchy Guy on Facebook and following his TPT store, you have a chance to win all of these graphics!  
(Click on the pictures below, to take you to his store to view the product details.)

or you can check out the whole big bundle right here: