Well, let's give this one more try!  I feel like I've been trying to find the perfect pair of shoes...you know, cute, but comfortable, fun and maybe a little bit sassy practical!  I have started a couple of blogs, thought I'd found my perfect one, but it's just not been the right one.  This one is it! 

I am absolutely amazed at all of the creativity out there in Teacherland!  I am hoping to tap into some of that creativity hidden deep inside myself and share not only teaching ideas, but ideas to help with life as a teacher.  You know, things such as the age old question...What shall I pack for lunch?...or maybe where to actually find those cute, but comfortable shoes.  Oh, and a must for me...GOTTA have some deals, bargains and freebies!!

So, I'm glad you're here!!!!  Pull up your comfy chair and let's see just where this takes us!
Enjoy!!  ...and thank you for visiting!!

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