Well, today we got an extra day off in observance of Nevada Day.  Can I just say, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!"?  After a week of conferences, not only my own, but 2 with my son's teachers, it was a much appreciated break.  Soooooooo...I spent the day organizing my kitchen, cooking and freezing meals, painting my bathroom napping, catching up on the DVR, reading I, Michael Bennett...and, I admit I did do just a wee bit of cleaning, but not any more than I had to do!  LOL!

So next week will be our "Halloween" party.  We used to be really spoiled and have the day of or at least the day after Halloween off, but then the voters took that away and now they hook it to a weekend.  Which is why, when I saw this on Pinterest, I had to share.  Have you seen it, too????  Do you feel the same way?

So, I want to know what you do on October 31st.   Are you on Fall Break?  Do your kids dress up?  Do you not celebrate it at all?  Tell me, tell me, tell me!

As for us, we are doing a pajama party.  I've got my Packer jammies all ready to go.  So while I may not be thrilled about Halloween being right plop in the middle of the week, wearing my jammies to school on a Wednesday, does seem just a bit sinful!  LOL!
Have you ever heard "Looking for Dracula" by Charlotte Diamond?  My students have loved that song for years!  So..........I decided the time had come to create some activities to coordinate with this cute, cute song.  I exchanged several emails with the very kind Harry Diamond and he even offered to have Charlotte call me and talk to me!  WOW!  However, we were able to take care of everything via email. So finally the unit is complete.  I am including something that I think you can really use as a FREEBIE!  

All you have to do is follow the link to here:

If you want the whole unit, it is on sale through Monday for 20% off!  

You can follow the link for the whole unit here:

Good Sunday morning, everyone!  I don't know about you but I am definitely a sucker for a freebie.  In fact, it's so bad that my son goes into shock when I don't have a coupon, a Groupon, or some sort of deal.  Ha!  But, today it's your turn to cash in!

I love giving my kiddos little treats and what-not for the holidays.  Here are some simple tags that you can attach if you'd like to give your kiddos a Halloween treat.  You know, just to cute it up a little.  I hope you can use them and please feel free to share this freebie with your friends!

Here is a picture of one of the pages of tags.

You can get the entire set for FREE right here at my TPT store:

Good Saturday morning everyone!  Going to be heading over to my dear sweet mom's house in a little while to celebrate her birthday, but before I go, I wanted to share what we have been 
working on in class this week.
Yep...it's our good ol' friends greater than, less than and equal to.  
I found some really good videos on YouTube and put them into a PowerPoint for our kids.  They really loved them, especially this one that has 2 sets of pictures on a large variety of slides.  I had the students hold up their hand in the direction that the alligator would go to munch on the numbers.  There wasn't a peep in the room because they were so engaged!

I also found some fabulous resources from Pinterest....gotta love Pinterest!

Here is a fabulous poster that we used.

You can find it right here at Teacher Bits & Bobs: 

We also used this A-MAZING work station that goes along with this standard.
You can find it here at The Littlest Scholars blog:
A-MAZING Work Station for Greater Than and Less Than

I also created this game a while ago and pulled it out for a center activity for my kiddos...AND it's on sale for 85 cents!!  What a bargain!!

My <, >, = Game

Have an amazing Saturday...and Happy Birthday, MOM!

Congrats to Jill Steeley!  She has won all three units AND congrats to Dive into Learning!  You also won by sending over new followers from your FB page!  If you sent someone over and they became a follower, let me know.
We did go from 6 to 10 followers, so that worked pretty well!
Stay tuned!  I've got some more good stuff ahead!

Jill and Dive into Learning, let me know where you'd like your units sent, and CONGRATS!

Woot!  We are up to 6 followers, but I am greedy, I want more!!!  LOL!  So...anyone who goes and gets someone else to follow my blog, will automatically win all 3 of the units I was giving away.  If your friend joins before tomorrow at midnight, they will be entered to win the original giveaway, which is also a set of the three units.  Just leave a comment after your friend joins telling me who your 
friend is and where you want your units sent!  
I hope that is as clear as mud!!
Since the 8th is my birthday, that's when the giveaway will be held, so you have to become a follower on my page by noon PST on the 8th!
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