Good morning!  I hope you're snuggly and warm and getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this week.  I wanted to be one of the first to tell you that it's time for one of the very best sales that Teachers Pay Teachers throws.  YEP!  CYBER MONDAY!!!  Many, many sellers will be celebrating next Monday by offering 20% off of their items.  TPT then adds another 10% off on top of that, bringing your savings up to 28%!!  Time to unload that wish list!  I can't wait to do some shopping myself!

Here is the info that you need:

I am extending my sale until the 29th, so if you want to visit me, you can find me here:

Be sure to tell your friends!  I am working on some FREEBIES in conjunction with this sale.

If I don't chat with you before, enjoy your Thanksgiving!  And for those of you brave enough to go shopping the day after, I hope your bargains are plentiful!
Brrrrr!  How is the weather where you are?  I can't believe I wore capris to school a week ago and now I'm thinking layers and boots!  FALL at last!  (Unless you're in my classroom where the temp hangs right around 85 degrees, but that's another story for another time!)

This sudden turn to colder weather inspired me to get to work on a new unit...Hot Chocolate Love!  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!  I could drink hot chocolate anytime, anywhere!  How about you?  The last time we went to the Apple Store at the Fashion Show Mall I noticed a little place called Serendipity!  YEP!  THAT one!  It's at Caesar's Palace.  Going to HAVE to check that one out for sure!  I am sure that I can force my sweet son to go, too.  He LOVES hot chocolate more than I do...if that's possible!

Anyway, on to the reason for this post.  I spent part of this 3 day weekend (I hope you got today off, too!) working on Hot Chocolate Love and wanted to share a freebie with you!

If you'd like to check out the FREEBIE for Plus or Minus 10 Marshmallows, follow this link:
Hot Chocolate Love FREEBIE!

So, just how do YOU like your hot chocolate?  marshmallows?  whip cream?  peppermint?
Or maybe some other way?

Would you please take a moment and hop on over to the 2nd Grade Pad and check out her recent post?  There is an amazing bargain that you can purchase to help a fellow teacher, Teresa, from 2nd Grade Pig Pen.  She is having some medical issues and could really use our help.  Please purchase if you can, spread to word if you would, and pin if you're a pinner.  Thank you!!

You can find all of the information out here:
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