Good morning, everyone!
Are you geared up for the New Year?
Who is planning on staying up until midnight?  Staying home or going out?
As you may now, we live in Vegas, so we always opt to stay in.  Crazy, huh?  People come from all over the world to be in Vegas on New Year's and we don't even go out and participate!  
Well, wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope that 2013 is a good year for you and your loved ones!

So...anyone feel like sharing their resolutions?  I'd love to hear them, because I am 
always looking for better ones!

The first one I always make is
 to get back into shape.
Today I am saying year I don't want to be!
Of course, I've been out of shape so long that I forgot what my original shape even was!
Last year we did The Biggest Loser at school and I did really well.  I need to find that focus and drive again and make it work for me like it did before.

I also love to choose
spend more time with family.
See this adorable boy?  
Love him to the moon and back.  
Continuing to work on turning him into an amazing adult and lovin' him every chance he'll let me...
"Mom, pah-lease...I'm in middle school now and my friends might see!"
Did I mention how much I love him?????
Oh, wow!  Just found this pic of him on his VERY FIRST New Year's Eve and had to share!  
(Sure hope none of his middle school friends read my blog!  Hahahaha!)

Definitely have to 
put more kindness in the world.
LOVE the way it makes us feel and definitely think there can never be enough kindness in this world!
Our school is a Be Kind school.  Have you heard of  
Be sure to check them'll be so happy that you did!
And finally, because I always pick one for work,
but not in the way you think. 
Anyone else already in full swing with these babies?
This is year two, full implementation for us.
Who else feels like they've taken all of the components of this, the pacing calendar, Discovery Testing, standards based assessing and a new gradebook and thrown them in the blender and just passed on whatever came out?  I have GOT to get my head wrapped around all of this to make it make more sense for know...organize my thinking a bit...OK, a lot!

So, there it you think they're attainable?  
So now it's your turn...what do you hope to accomplish in 2013?

Oh, and I almost forgot, to start the year out right, I'm having a 20% off sale.  
That means most of the games are as low at $.80!
You can check that out here:
But be quick!  The sale ends January 2.

I love these banners that have been popping up everywhere!  So I just had to make some.  Here is a freebie one for you, my wonderful followers!  How cute will it look when your little ones pop back to school in the new year?  Enjoy!!  

So what are YOU doing for New Year's Eve????  I would love to hear everyone's plans.  AND if you're hanging out at home, this is perfect to print and hang up at home.

Don't you just love ThistleGirl's graphics?

These are the writing non-negotiables that our grade level created last year.

A fun little review game.

I don't know about you, but my kiddos could always use a punctuation review.

This is a great activity if you use a Word Work center.

Great for sticking in the lunchbox of your favorite little ones.

This really helped my kiddos!

This game requires a little thinking.  Your kiddos have to match the person to the tool that they use.

Excellent for Common Core!

This is one of my top selling items!

Well, get them while they're free!!!  

Between the horrific events in Sandy Hook, the loss of a former student, and events and occasions in my own life, I have been severely slacking with my giveaways.  So....right now we are getting ready to take my sweet son to the dentist and run to the grocery store, but I PROMISE that as soon as I get back I will post all of the missing freebies and they will be free until New Year's Day.  Again, my sincerest apologies!

BUT, now for the BIG NEWS!!!!!

The winner of the $75 worth of merchandise from my TPT store is....

Kristin Dammacco


Kristin, I have sent you an email, so check your SPAM folder.  
Let me know which materials you would like to have sent to you!!!

Here is yesterday's freebie and today's freebie.
When we all went to work today, we could never even begin to imagine the horror that would take over this day.  Our school is reeling from the loss of our own little one this week and now the loss of so many other innocent lives in Connecticut.  My heart is heavy, as I know all of yours are as well.  If you don't mind, I would like today's post to be in memory of the lives lost this week.  

Were any of you celebrating today?  I had completely forgotten that I had set this obnoxious alarm to go off at 12:12 today.  It nearly scared the pants off of all of us.  We had a ton of fun though, and I hope my kids will always remember exactly where they were at 12:12 on 12/12/12.  

And now on to other things... if you're "gearing up for math", here's the perfect game for 
you and your students!

Get it here:

Freebie of the day is right here:

I just made this game last week.  I know a lot of people do a baking theme, so I thought I would create this game for fun!  You can check it out here:

As a side note, if you have children you love in your life, please give them an extra hug tonight.  
A third grader from our school passed away over the weekend.
Ivan, you and your "I'm not trying to be funny self" will be dearly missed.
My kids are cracking me up!  Every day they wait in anticipation to see if the date will read 12-12-12.  They know it's coming, but haven't stopped to figure out exactly when it will be!  I know tomorrow (Monday) they'll be waiting to see if it will be 12-12-12!  Almost!  So, are you doing anything special?  

Here is a fun game to play, just, well, for the fun of it!

Let me know if you play it and if your kids like it!

...and it will only be around until tomorrow morning, so grab yours quick!  

It is a set of editable scheduling cards!

You can get yours right here:

These are great, because you change the font, change the words, etc.

They feature those adorable ThistleGirl Graphics, too!


So...are you a Packers fan?  a Colts fan?  a Broncos fan? 
Whichever fan you are (if you like football), I hope you and your students enjoy this freebie!

OK...really I was working on something for school and didn't get on here to post, so here are 
today and tomorrow's freebies! 

Are you ready for another FREEBIE?
Today's freebie is a set of Christmas pattern cards.  My kids LOVE working with these!  
I hope yours do, too!

You can find them right here in my store.  

Here is Tuesday's FREEBIE!

So I know, that you know that the holidays can definitely put a drain on the wallet.  And if you know me at all, you know I can never pass up a good bargain, so.... it's time to provide some relief!  Check in here each day to find a limited-time-only FREEBIE!  The first day was the Racing with Santa Fact Families game.  Down below are FREEBIES for today and tomorrow. {Since Mondays are ALWAYS crazy, I thought I'd post early.}  Hurry up and download them, because they will only be available for a limited time!
{And no, they won't all be Christmassy.}


One lucky follower will win $75 to my TPT store!!!!

So start making your wish list now!  It could be you!  I will pull the winner on the morning on December 26 {after I am all done bargain shopping!!  Did I mention I love a bargain????}. 


If you want to increase your chances, tell your friends to follow my blog.  For each new friend that joins, either you or they leave a comment on this post telling me you sent them, and then 
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So HURRY!  Go tell all of your friends!  

Just added it all up!  You will receive $55 in items if you download all of the FREEBIES!!!!

Hello Everyone!  Has this just been the craziest of weeks?  Or is it just because we had a full week of school.  Whew!  Thanksgiving, followed by bargain shopping, followed by report cards...I am so ready for this about you?

Anyway, thought I'd stop by and post a FREEBIE!  A couple of my kiddos are having a hard time with fact families.  I have a couple of games I've made for fact families, but thought I'd make one with Santa and his flashy new sleigh!  (Aren't these the cutest Santa graphics?  You can pick up a set at Scrappin Doodles...and the traffic light is part of the new Speed Racer set at Just So Scrappy Too.

 You can find the freebie in my store right here:

Have an amazing Saturday!

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