What are you doing New Years?...and a SALE!!

Good morning, everyone!
Are you geared up for the New Year?
Who is planning on staying up until midnight?  Staying home or going out?
As you may now, we live in Vegas, so we always opt to stay in.  Crazy, huh?  People come from all over the world to be in Vegas on New Year's and we don't even go out and participate!  
Well, wherever you are and whatever you do, I hope that 2013 is a good year for you and your loved ones!

So...anyone feel like sharing their resolutions?  I'd love to hear them, because I am 
always looking for better ones!

The first one I always make is
 to get back into shape.
Today I am saying this...next year I don't want to be!
Of course, I've been out of shape so long that I forgot what my original shape even was!
Last year we did The Biggest Loser at school and I did really well.  I need to find that focus and drive again and make it work for me like it did before.

I also love to choose
spend more time with family.
See this adorable boy?  
Love him to the moon and back.  
Continuing to work on turning him into an amazing adult and lovin' him every chance he'll let me...
"Mom, pah-lease...I'm in middle school now and my friends might see!"
Did I mention how much I love him?????
Oh, wow!  Just found this pic of him on his VERY FIRST New Year's Eve and had to share!  
(Sure hope none of his middle school friends read my blog!  Hahahaha!)

Definitely have to 
put more kindness in the world.
LOVE the way it makes us feel and definitely think there can never be enough kindness in this world!
Our school is a Be Kind school.  Have you heard of  
Be sure to check them out...you'll be so happy that you did!
And finally, because I always pick one for work,
but not in the way you think. 
Anyone else already in full swing with these babies?
This is year two, full implementation for us.
Who else feels like they've taken all of the components of this, the pacing calendar, Discovery Testing, standards based assessing and a new gradebook and thrown them in the blender and just passed on whatever came out?  I have GOT to get my head wrapped around all of this to make it make more sense for me...you know...organize my thinking a bit...OK, a lot!

So, there it is...do you think they're attainable?  
So now it's your turn...what do you hope to accomplish in 2013?

Oh, and I almost forgot, to start the year out right, I'm having a 20% off sale.  
That means most of the games are as low at $.80!
You can check that out here:
But be quick!  The sale ends January 2.


  1. I'm your newest follower here and on TPT :) A matter of fact, on TPT I'm your 500th follower :) I love your stuff, especially since I teach first grade, too :)

  2. Well, Faith, because your name happens to be my "1 word" for 2013 AND because you happen to be my 500th follower...I think you deserve a PRIZE!!! Email me your wish for any one thing from my shop and I will send it to you!
    Great way to start the new year!!!
    Thank you for being a follower!

  3. Hello again :) I cannot believe your "little" boy is so big now! Also your blog is so cute...happy new year's!
    from Well, Michelle?


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