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So who likes to decorate their classroom?  Who uses a theme?  Who starts thinking about it just about this time of year?  YEP!  I raised my hand to all of those.  
For the first time ever (in more than 20 years of teaching) I kept my theme from last year.  
It is really showing wear and tear. :-(

If you do a theme, do you keep it from year to year or change it every year?

I thought I would post some of my pics of my past themes.
I can remember my very first classroom was decorated in a dog theme.  Boy, was that a while ago!

Here is my bee-themed room.  It's how my room looks now.

This is my "beehive".  My dear, sweet, wonderful dad constructed it out of PVC pipe.  It has been a pirate cove, a space station, a jungle hut.  I wonder what it will be next year.

These are my team signs.

Whoever created these crate seats in genius!  I always have to have them.

Got this great idea from Proteacher!  If you like them, you can buy them in practically any theme in my TPT store!

My wonderful son made this for me!

This is my work display board.  The bees have the students' names on them.  I used pipe cleaners to make antennae.

Anyone use this in their classroom?  This is a large magnet from Vista Print.   

This is my door stop that my wonderful friend, Chris made for me.  Is she just so talented?  

This is my space-themed room. 

This was my progress monitoring board.

Here's the space station that I was talking about.

This picture is blurry, but I used icicle lights as stars across my white boards.
Here is my work display board.

Here is a close-up of the astronauts on my board.
 So, I can't wait to hear what themes you've done or plan on doing!


  1. I had a bee theme for the first five years I taught. This year I switched it up to polka dots. I liked keeping the same theme for awhile - saves on money! i still have a special place in my heart for bee themed items though!

  2. I love these pictures! Your students are lucky to have such a welcoming room to come to each day!

  3. You're room looks so inviting. I need to be more theme-y in my room, but time setting it up is always a problem. I usually stick with my generic apple theme and have for the past 12 years.

  4. There are so many clever ideas in this post. I am moving into a new classroom this summer , so I'm searching for ideas to decorate and organize. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Where did you find the cute faces for the astronauts?

    1. Shannon, I am just about to add those to my store. They are called "Face It"s. It will be added this week. There are also some other themed fact, the pirate and safari ones are already loaded.

  6. where can I find the feet and hands for the astronaut? I bought the "Face It" on TPT but no feet or hands.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Where on TPT can I find the Happy Bee Day balloons to go on the large pixie sticks?

  9. Hi, Love the astronauts, in fact they are in my cart as we speak, but have the same question about the feet?


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