First Grade Parent Night

Thursday night, our grade level is hosting an "I'm Making a Difference in My Child's Life Night".  Catchy title, huh?  Each teacher (7 total) is hosting a 10 minute, quick tip session that will really help our parents when working with their child at home.  We are covering:  sight words, reading to and with your child, websites, building sentences, comprehension strategies, writing and sounding out and writing difficult words.  Oh, and my topic is why it's important to read 20 minutes every night.  I made a (if I do say so myself) cute PowerPoint that I hope will grab the parents' attention. 

So, in order to get parents in we are offering:
translators for each class
free babysitting (each teacher pitched in $5 to pay for the sitters)
raffle prizes
Do you have something that is a sure-fire get those parents in the door tip or trick to share?  
I'd LOVE to hear it!

Do you think it will work?
I hope so.  It's really been minimal planning, but we hope to get a lot of bang for our buck!
We even created a paper for parents to use that had a quick highlight of what we talked about along with a place for taking notes.

So on that note, who is up for a giveaway?

Here's the deal...we have approximately 130 first graders.  
How many of their parents you think will show up?
The person who guesses the closest will win 2 items of their choosing from my TPT store!
Leave your answer in the comments!


  1. What a great idea! I would love to see your PowerPoint. The babysitters are a great way to get parents in. Food is also a great incentive. Sometimes you can get your local restaurants to help out for free advertising. Sounds fun so I'll go with 200 parents!!

  2. Wow, it sounds like you all have a great evening planned. I hope you get all 130 parents, but I'm going to go with 95. That would still be a great turnout!

  3. Sounds like a great time! Very beneficial too :). I'm going to go with 128 parents!

  4. I hope you get close to all the parents but I'm guessing 87.

  5. My guess is 90.

  6. Well, when I wrote this blog post I was filled with hope and optimism that we would have an amazing turn out...not so much! A HUGE disappointment...ELEVEN families were represented! Angie Henry, you are the winner! Hop on over to my store and pick your two FREE prizes.

    The rest of you stay tuned, because I have some more giveaways planned!!

  7. Our school didn't hire a babysitter but the kids were invited and we all get a free spaghetti dinner. You have now terrified me on the turnout.

  8. Hi, I just ran across your blog today and I must say "what a disappointment." You would think that parents would want to be up-to-date with their child's learning and progression. I teach Pre-K and Kindergarten.


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