Valentine's Day...What Do You Do?

So, my partner-in-crime, Mrs. P and I have been going round and round about what to do on 
Valentine's Day.  We are pretty much over the deliciously-frosted cupcakes, the sugar-coated cookies and the melt-in-your-mouth heart-shaped candies.  (Can you tell I'm on a diet 
ummmm....I mean life style change?)

Anyway, we'd like to simplify it a little bit.  Of course, we still want them to exchange Valentines and I always buy extra boxes for those who don't have them to exchange, but...what do to for the party part?

I'd absolutely love to hear what all of you do.  
Inspire us!

I did find something absolutely adorable gifts to give my students, though.  
Have you seen these on The World's Best Collection of Things You Just Have to Make and Do! 
(a/k/a Pinterest!)? 

Check out these SUPER CUTE Valentine ideas on Making Life Whimsical !

I am doing the S'mores ones.  My sweet son is a S'mores-maniac!  I think my kiddos will love it, too.  
Have you seen those huge marshmallow hearts?!??!  Ran across those the other day at the grocery store.  
I think they'll be perfect!  A little bit of chocolate, 
a graham cracker square and you've got a cute gift that won't break the bank!

Here is a picture of the package.  Obviously, this is the diet version!  It is cold and rainy and I just couldn't drag myself to the store, but you get the idea...right?

You can find the FREEBIE right here in my store:

Thank you to my sweet friend, Melanie at Frogspot From the Pond for her adorable graphics!

You can also check out her TPT store right here: run and get the freebie, check out the blogs and TPT stores and don't forget to leave me a comment and tell me what you do for your Valentine's Day party.


  1. Last year my room parents (both teachers at my school) put on a friendship salad party. Parents were asked to send in pre-cut fruit the morning of the party. We had all the usual suspects (apples, bananas, oranges and strawberries etc.) and even fresh cut pears! It was easy to just put the fruit in a big bowl and serve it. The kids loved it. I've suggested this to new my room parent again this year. Happy V-day!

  2. PS We specifically requested for the valentines not to be addressed to anyone and to send in enough valentines for the entire class (no selective valentine-ing here!) It made distributing them way more efficient and the kids didn't get upset.

  3. For the last several years we've been deep in our penguin unit by the time Valentine's Day rolls around. Instead of a party we strung pony beads to make a penguin key fob. We always have lots of parents show up, so there was plenty of help for the students. I put the bead pattern up on the Smartboard. Each child got a bag of all the things they needed. They followed my directions row by row and were so proud of their creations. They had time at the end to peek at their valentines. Then it was off to lunch. Later in the day at our regular snack time we had the refreshments parent had sent.

    We're fortunate to have our party in the morning just before lunch time. That way I'm not stuck with the end-of-the-day-party-cleanup after finish with duty.

    This year we'll be studying the rain forest at that time. I'll have to get busy and select another fun craftivity to do.


  4. I love doing breakfast for most holidays. At Halloween( Fall) you can ask for things made from corn, pumpkin and apples.
    So maybe pink, red and white things for Valentines (fruit, cheeses, yogurt, etc.)

  5. These are all excellent ideas! We decided to collect $2 from each student and then decide what to do with it. We figured that bought us a little bit more time. I bought some Valentine's at the dollar store (what teacher doesn't love the dollar store???!!!) for students who don't bring any in to share.
    Thank you for all of the ideas. I am going to run them all by Mrs. P.
    One decision that we did make was that we are having Valentine's party day moved to Friday!


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