Warming Up with Winter Math

My friend and I have a situation that works out perfectly for us.  She teaches both of our classes writing and I teach both of our classes math. This works out so well for us, because it allows us to 
focus on our own strengths as teachers.

But we've always encountered one problem.  We have never been able to switch on Fridays because of assessing, schedules, etc.  We are still responsible for covering those subjects on those days and that is when I decided to create some portable math tubs.  I've seen math tubs online for years,
but never really used them.

I went on the good ol' TPT store and found this perfect unit to use.  

It was created by my sweet friend, Laureen, at Teach With Laughter.  In fact, you can pick up a FREEBIE from her unit over on her blog, Teach With Laughter.

The reason that I loved this unit, is because it covered a variety of standards.  
It covers, addition in a variety of ways, including Doubles Plus One, which is one of my students' favorite games.  There is also skip counting, finding numbers that are the greatest and the least, place value, missing addends and graphing!  

Not only were there enough activities for my whole class in this one unit, but I was also able to take a game at a time and work with a small group based on where they needed additional practice and instruction.

My friend's granddaughter and I stayed after school one day and played with some of the games.

 This was a fun game and she beat me!  Aren't the graphics a-dorable?

My son would love this one...he's a S'mores-aholic!
This one was a very popular game in our class.
Love the missing addend practice!

My friend's granddaughter LOVED this one, because she could play it independently.

Do any of you use math tubs in your classroom?  How do you like them?  What do you use for the activities.  I definitely want/need to make more, so I would love to hear from everyone. 


  1. Cyndie,
    I am so happy that you have enjoyed these stations!! I started using math stations last year and have never looked back. Me (and my students) always look forward to math stations. In fact I enjoy creating them as much as I enjoy using them :)
    Thanks so much for sharing pictures of them in your classroom!

  2. These stations are soooo cute. Thanks for sharing this great find with us! :-)

    2nd Grade Pad

  3. These centers are adorable, and I agree...love the graphics! I love doing math centers. I have 8 different centers each week. (we only have school 4 days a week.) We rotate to two different center each day, so after two days I switch them out. My kids love them! I'm your newest follower!

    I'm just starting out with my blog and just posted a "Number Surgery" freebie. I'd love for you to stop by!



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