What's the MATTER?

So how many of you went TPT crazy on Superbowl Sunday?
Yes, I confess, I did!  
One of the fantastic units that I bought was this one by my sweet friend Christina DeCarbo entitled, 
States of Matter for Kids! {A Unit on Solids, Liquids and Gasses}.  
(Please take a moment to visit her store or hop on over to her blog, Second Grade Sugar and Spice.)

My students have been having a BLAST all week long learning about various states of matter.
This is an excellent collection with a wide variety of activities.

 Day 1
We introduced four of the vocabulary cards included in this unit.  Once my students had the idea, we verbally brainstormed forms of matter that would fit in to each category of solids, liquids and gasses.  They all had fabulous ideas and grasped the concept very quickly.  
However, there was one child...isn't there always one...that had to inform us all about his favorite form of gas...the toots!  He just killed himself laughing and took the rest of the class with him!  Fortunately, he was smart enough to save it for the end of the lesson.  (and never mind the fact that he is the COLTS fan highlighted in my Superbowl post...but more on him later).

I also found this cool song from They Might Be Giants on YouTube!

Day 2
  Here the students worked on a paper where they were to give examples of matter that would fit into one of the three categories.  Then we moved on to having them use the page from the unit where they sorted the pictures into the correct form of matter.  

Next, I used butcher paper to create solid, liquid and gas "costumes".  Together, we decided where each item fit.  These cards were great, because they matched exactly to the cards that the students
 had on their sort.
(This is where I exacted my revenge on the "toots boy" by making him The King of Gasses!)  Bwa-hahahaha!  

Here is a picture of their outfits.

Day 3
Hooray!  We were able to do an actual experiment and discovered what can happen when we combine a solid and a liquid.  Yep...we made Jell-o!  We were able to examine the steam (gas) when we combined the boiling water (liquid) to the Jell-o (solid).  Then we got to see it change form again after we
refrigerated it (solid again).  And the best part of all...they got to eat their project!  
There was an excellent experiment recording sheet in the unit that we used, too.
However, this is also the day that I realized I cannot teach, make Jell-o, monitor students, record AND take pictures, BUT what luck, my sweet friend Christi Fultz over at Ms. Fultz's Corner took some...and she has those pics and other fun stuff to share.
Be sure to hop on over here and she what she and her students have been doing.

Day 4
We were shorted a day of science this week, because of a special project, so this is
Day 4 of the unit (Day 5 of the week). 
All week long, my students had been warned to be on the lookout for purple cows!  "HUH?" they all said.
I brought it up often during the week.
During computer lab on this day, I even took control of all of their computers...right in the middle of their work...and popped up a mooing purple cow.  It had a speech bubble that read, "Have you seen Ms. Dunn's kids?  I'm supposed to hang out with them today!"  
The looks on their faces!  
I really did nearly fall right off my chair because I was laughing so hard!

So here are the real purple cows.  I don't want to give away Christina's secret recipe, but you can 
find it in the unit.  This was our concluding activity for this unit (minus the assessment) and needless to say a BIG HIT!  There was another great recording sheet for this activity, as well.
Here is a photo of some of their creations.

As you can see from the pictures below, the purple cows were a HIT!

Only one student did not care for her purple cow, but they definitely all LOVED the activity!

Oh, and as a bonus lesson, we got to watch our solid turn into a liquid.
Quick tip...get your ice cream out about 20 minutes before you're ready to scoop!

So, now you know just exactly what IS the MATTER!


  1. I love the costumes! It really is a fun unit and I can't wait to finish it next week. :)

  2. Yep...we have a couple little things to do next week and then assess. It really was a super fun unit, and best of all, my kids TOTALLY got it!

  3. You ladies are so sweet! :) I'm soo glad your kiddos had fun with this and learned a lot about matter! :)

    Sugar and Spice

  4. This is so perfect for my class! We just had the traveling scientists visit our classroom and now I can follow up and finish the learning! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Cyndie! I love those solid-liquid-gas outfits!! I just found your cute blog & I'm your newest follower!

    Science for Kids Blog


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