I will bet there is not one person reading this that Autism has not touched in one way or another.
April is Autism Awareness Month and in honor of this, I am linking up with several other bloggers for the
Don't you just love this saying...Until Every Piece Fits.

I have created a set of 25 Token Boards which are very effective for working with any student's behavior.
Here is a small sampling.
They were so much fun to create! 

It is part of the Rafflecopter prizes that you can enter to win over at  Crayonbox Learning.
{It will be available in my store after the Linky Party is over.}

For my FREEBIE, I created a Color Matching Game.

This game offers gameboards with and without a color dot for a visual.

Students will match the color pictures to the correct cards.

I hope that you'll stop into my store and download this FREEBIE for either yourself or 
someone that you love.  
You can find it right here.

And if you're over here from
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
thank you for popping in!
Thank you to Charity for hosting, too!

A HUGE thank you to Danielle at Crayonbox Learning for creating this amazing linky party.
Be sure to head here and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway!

Hooray!  It's time for one of my favorite linkys!  Currently...hosted by Farley over at Oh, Boy 4th Grade!

So what are you up to right now? 

Here's what's going on with me!

So who still catches reruns of NCIS?  LOVE it!  ...and how come Mark Harmon just keeps getting better looking with age????

Is if flip flop weather in your neck of the woods?  It is here!  It's been a glorious week and I've got new sparkly pink and purple glittery toes to bust out tomorrow!  LOL!  Come on!  
The color is called GIRLY...what more could you ask for?

Who is listening to the Spring Break come crashing to an end?  ME!  
I got a ton done, but definitely could use another week!  Anyone else?

Tops on my list is getting my dad back home to Las Vegas.  Florida is toooooo far away!  He had a little complication from a surgery and he is doing "impatient" PT for now.  Love this man!  He is my hero!
Now hurry up and come home!

Spent some quality time with my sweet son over break, but that always leaves me wanting more!  
We planted a flower garden, went to Yogurtland {about three times}, saw the Croods, ate at our favorite restaurants, watched movies at home and just hung out!  
Such a treat!

As for my advice, I am all about the cute!  Many people believe presentation is everything...which, to a degree it is.  It's a great attention grabber, but if the product isn't of good quality, your buyers probably won't come back..which would be sad.  So spend time working on the presentation, 
but back it up with high-quality work!

So....what are you up to CURRENTLY?

If you have had Spring Break already, did you tackle the Spring cleaning?  Just curious who LOVES Spring cleaning and who dreads it?  {...and who doesn't even do it?}  I'll admit, mine was minimal this year.  Just wasn't feeling it.  While I'd LOVE everything to be cleaned out and pretty, I just was too busy to do as good of a job as I normally do. 

Regardless, of whether you did it or not, here is a super fun Spring cleaning activity!  
I have linked up with Melissa over at Dilly Dabbles for a

Everything in my store will be marked down 20%.  Look below and you will find over 50 sellers who also have items on sale in their store! 
Happy Shopping!

So who make a candy bouquet this week????  Who ate enough candy to fill a candy bouquet????

It's a brand new week and I am linking up again with Cynthia from 2nd Grade Pad for

{I do have to admit that this is one of my favorite linkys ever!}

If you read my previous post you know that I am off on a new adventure next school year.  
I will be teaching an accelerated second grade class.  
{Yep, my head is still swirling!}

I will be moving to a new classroom in a pod that houses all of the second grades and am so thrilled to finally get a "big room"!  One of the former teachers painted two of the walls in the classroom a dark brown.  Hmmmm...I have a couple of brown walls in my home and I do love brown.  

But...what to do...what to do...for a classroom theme?
Well, I have decided to do a "Learning Safari" theme, but I didn't want it to be too cutesy and I really wanted to mix in some textures...burlap, raffia, etc. to give it a more homey look.  That's when I stumbled upon SchoolGirl Style's safari-themed classroom.  I have been working with that theme in mind and I found some adorable graphics on Etsy.

And...what does every teacher need?  A "to do" list...well, maybe a done "to do" list.  That is exactly what I made for today's Take It and Make It.  

I printed out a list and then put it in a frame from the dollar store.  
{I had to wrestle a little with the frame and may need to change it out eventually.}

This is what my finished product looks like:

This particular frame had a really big lip, so only one of the borders shows, but I think it will do the job.
Now, all I need is a dry erase marker to write on the glass.  Then I can just wipe it off as I finish each task!

If you'd like to make your own, you can create one yourself of pop right into my store and select one of the many themed ones I have...only $1!  {Unless you happen to catch them on sale, then they are only $.85!}
You can find this particular one here for FREE!
Happy Thursday and Happy Creating!

OK...I'll admit it...every year before school starts, I know when summer vacation starts.  Do you?  It's not that I don't love my kiddos, it's just that I absolutely love the freedom of doing what I want when I want and so appreciate the time to get things done!

So, for this week's
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

I have a wonderful much needed

Best of all it's FREE.  You can find it right here in my store.

AND...while you're there, just thought I'd mention that everything in my store is 20% off until Tuesday!

Have a great week!
A month or so ago, our principal approached our staff with the idea of adding an accelerated class to each grade level.  To say I was intrigued was an understatement.  I think my principal began to think I was so crazy lady stopping every time I heard someone talking about the accelerated model, just to hear what 
they thought about it. 

It encompasses so much of what I love about teaching...project based learning, technology (HELP, Grace!  She's our ECS), multiple intelligences, not to mention adding in a lot more DOK 3 and 4 
learning and questioning strategies.

Yesterday, I found out that I will be teaching one of these classrooms.  
Can I even say how excited I am??!?!!?
But, I also found out that will be teaching the second grade one.
Definitely bittersweet. And talk about a roller coaster of emotions! 

 While I am looking forward to the changes ahead, I am so sad to be leaving my grade level (I finally was just getting them trained to put up with me!)  I know that we will still work together and I will always love them, I will just miss being in their pod and working with them every day!  
But, to focus on the good, I look forward to working with my new grade level and the other teachers that will be teaching the accelerated model.  We will also be working with the other coaches in our building.  I will be able to have some of my sweet, sweet students again (and miss the ones I won't have again).  {Please note that the Colts fan mentioned in previous posts will most likely be joining me, so I look forward to more posts about our sweet rivalry!}  And, after many years, I will finally get
Talk about winning a prize!  LOL!

So...long story long, this has prompted me to do something I have been thinking about for a long time...change the name of my store.  Since I started this blog and my Facebook page, I have wanted to change the name of the store, and well, since I won't be a first grade teacher anymore (sigh!), 
the time has come. 

In celebration of the new name, I am having a 20% off sale now through Tuesday.  If you have me bookmarked, will you please change it to my new "address"?  Thank you for celebrating with me!  
You can find the new (old) store right here at Chalk One Up for the Teacher.

Thank you for your kindness and support!

So once again, I am linking up with 2nd Grade Pad's 

So, let me let you in on a little secret...teachers LOVE chocolate!  
Ha!  I'll bet that's a new one, huh?  
OK...well, maybe not every teacher, but most teachers...or at least A LOT of teachers.

A couple of years ago, I received a candy bouquet as a gift for my birthday.  It was absolutely darling! 
Of course, as we all do, I began looking at it and thinking, "Oh, I could do this!"

Well, a LOT of candy bars, many skewers, a few hot glue gun burns, some super cute graphics and dollar store decorations later, I have made over 120 candy bouquets (and padded my pocket quite nicely!)

At the bottom, I will post some of the pics of the ones I have made.

Here are some general directions:

You will need hot glue sticks and a hot glue gun, 
candy  (of course),

some thick wooden skewers, 

floral foam, tissue paper or shreds, and a base (the graphics and "add-ins" are optional).

Simply hot glue the candy to the end of the skewers (I use the low-melt glue sticks and gun). Place the floral foam in the base.  (I have used four boxes of movie theater-sized candy glued to the base and it looks really cute!)  Lay tissue paper or shreds to cover up the floral foam.  Then arrange the skewers and any other "add-ins" by poking them into the floral foam.
Ta-da!  You've created an amazing gift for a friend or coworker! 

You can find tons of cute "add-in" at the dollar store...curly straws, party horns, those cute cut outs 
from the teacher section.

Here are some pics of the ones I have made.

 This one had 100 candy bars!  It was a thank you from our PTO.

 Here is a birthday one!

 My friend is an administrator.  These were for her office staff.

 This one was for a raffle prize for the Race for the Cure.

 Here is one for my son's teacher...his favorite candy and pics of all of the different people he is.

My friend's daughter's teacher is from...yep, you guessed it, New York!

Anyway, these are very easy to make and so yummy to eat!!
The possibilities are endless...Easter, Halloween, Superbowl, Valentine's Day!
I've even made (EGADS!) healthy ones using 100 Calorie Snack Packs.

Anyway, just thought I'd share a fun Take It and Make It...hope you can "make" someone's day 
by "taking" this to them!


Hello there!  I have hooked up with Charity from Classroom Freebies for

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
I can't believe that as I am writing this, it's St. Patrick's Day and before we blink, it will be Easter time!  
So who has had their Spring Break already?  We have one more week to get through and then it 
will be our turn.  I can't wait!!

So have you heard of Bunny Bait?  Oh, my it is HEAVENLY!!
A little mix of white chocolate popcorn and M&M's.  Believe me when 
I tell you it is pure DELICIOUSHNESS!!!

You can find the recipe right over here at Bake at 350.
Not only is it so yummy, it's also so pretty!

So to finish off this fantastic treat, I have created some tags for you to tie on to it.
AND there are also some tags for your favorite PEEPS!

You can find these
 right here.


I hope you're wearing your green!

We had so much fun at school on Friday!  Our students' homework for the week was to create a Leprechaun trap.  The only directions that we gave was that it had to be able to open and close somehow and that it had to be made mostly by them.

Here are some of the traps that they created:

Look at all the gold and green on this one!

 Love the note on this one!  (and the fact that she spelled Leprechauns correctly!)

This "blingy" one is too cute...plus Lucky Charms!

 The ladder and water color rainbow are nice touches!

This one was amazing.  Believe it or not, the log is made of paper.  It had lights inside that lit up and the trap door was hanging up...until the Leprechauns got it!

So, while we were at lunch, the naughty Leprechauns came and made a HUGE mess in our classroom!
(Remind me to have the "Leprechauns" come next time I need to get out the crankies!  I have it on good authority that they had a wonderful time missing up the classroom!)

 Oh my!
But look at this!

Those silly Leprechauns even turned all of the stuff on the white board upside down!

Just wanted to share all of the fun we had.  Too bad the kids didn't share the gold (Rolos) they got from the Leprechauns...that's MY kind of treasure for sure!

On another note, don't forget the B2G1 sale going on in my store only on St. Paddy's Day.

Finally, today is the last day to join the St. Paddy's Day Blog Hop! 
Remember, that's your chance to win $100 in TPT "gold" (a/k/a $100 gift certificate to TPT!)

May the luck of the Irish be with you!
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