Caring for Cole

I remember picking my son up one day from second grade and him saying his head really hurt.  I went around to get him out of the car only to discover an enormous lump on the back of his head.  Fortunately, it turned out to be concussion or permanent damage.  
I can remember being so freaked out and worried. 
 Look at this darling boy.  His name is Cole. Doesn't he look like your typical fun-loving 5 year old boy?

Cole's mom is a friend of a friend.  Her son also complained of headaches. However, instead of a goose egg, his turned out to be an enormous tumor.  Can you even begin to imagine how frightened you would be?  And how hard it would be to button up those fears so as not to worry your child?  And how do you tell a 
5 year old he has a brain tumor?  And that he has to have surgery?

Cole's mom is one of us...a teacher.  Our mutual friend Karla, from Life in Special Education has put together an absolutely amazing package of items called Caring for Cole.  

There are 33 items valued at over $160!  Many of these items are fabulous sellers on TPT.  Not only can it be yours for a small donation of $25, but you will also be going to help this dear, sweet family.  They are only asking for prayers, but if you can do more by purchasing this pack, it will be greatly appreciated!

By hopping over to Life in Special Education you can read more about this darling boy and his family, see all the amazing things offered in the Caring for Cole pack and find out how to purchase it or make a donation.  Please take a moment to check it out.
And please keep this family in your prayers.

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