Change is good...right? Right? (and a SALE!)

A month or so ago, our principal approached our staff with the idea of adding an accelerated class to each grade level.  To say I was intrigued was an understatement.  I think my principal began to think I was so crazy lady stopping every time I heard someone talking about the accelerated model, just to hear what 
they thought about it. 

It encompasses so much of what I love about teaching...project based learning, technology (HELP, Grace!  She's our ECS), multiple intelligences, not to mention adding in a lot more DOK 3 and 4 
learning and questioning strategies.

Yesterday, I found out that I will be teaching one of these classrooms.  
Can I even say how excited I am??!?!!?
But, I also found out that will be teaching the second grade one.
Definitely bittersweet. And talk about a roller coaster of emotions! 

 While I am looking forward to the changes ahead, I am so sad to be leaving my grade level (I finally was just getting them trained to put up with me!)  I know that we will still work together and I will always love them, I will just miss being in their pod and working with them every day!  
But, to focus on the good, I look forward to working with my new grade level and the other teachers that will be teaching the accelerated model.  We will also be working with the other coaches in our building.  I will be able to have some of my sweet, sweet students again (and miss the ones I won't have again).  {Please note that the Colts fan mentioned in previous posts will most likely be joining me, so I look forward to more posts about our sweet rivalry!}  And, after many years, I will finally get
Talk about winning a prize!  LOL!

So...long story long, this has prompted me to do something I have been thinking about for a long time...change the name of my store.  Since I started this blog and my Facebook page, I have wanted to change the name of the store, and well, since I won't be a first grade teacher anymore (sigh!), 
the time has come. 

In celebration of the new name, I am having a 20% off sale now through Tuesday.  If you have me bookmarked, will you please change it to my new "address"?  Thank you for celebrating with me!  
You can find the new (old) store right here at Chalk One Up for the Teacher.

Thank you for your kindness and support!


  1. Your new adventure sounds so exciting! You're lucky- my school and district would never consider that. I know I have a couple kids that would really benefit!

  2. Congrats on your upcoming changes and adventures in learning!! I think this is such a wonderful opportunity for you and your upcoming students! Second Grade is also a great grade to teach!! The students are independent and can do a lot more at the beginning of school, not to mention the fact that your kiddos will be advanced learners-the sky's the limit with what you can do and will accomplish!! I can't wait to read all about it in the fall!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  3. Congrats!!!!! That sounds so exciting! I think the idea of adding an accelerated class to each grade level is aaaaamazing!!! I feel like I spend a lot of energy and work into my low kiddos and sometimes forget about my high babies. I would love this at my school =) I cannot wait to hear how it goes next year!

    Please check out my blog...I just posted about writer's workshop in my class, how we track our progress in K and much more!! Thanks!! -Danielle

  4. Cyndie,

    I agree with Crystal. You'll love second grade. What an opportunity for professional growth this change will present to you. Enjoy!


  5. Thank you, everyone. It is exciting. My principal is very "cutting edge" and likes to try new things, so that is a good thing for us. My mind is still spinning. I have wonderful friends who have been sharing ideas and I know that I am very fortunate! Thank you for the support!


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