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So my amazing friend Christi over at Ms. Fultz's Corner is hosting this amazing linky party!  Something I certainly wished someone had done for me as I became a teacher.  (But those were the days before blogs...and linky parties...and well, computer?  OK, not quite that long ago...but close!)  Anyway, as I was saying my fabulous fried Christi is hosting

I have decided to share some things to do outside of the classroom to make your whole life easier.
So what is my advice?  Well, here you go...

Create a Collection of Fast, Cheap and Easy Recipes
Who says we are what we eat?  First year teachers (and, well, most teachers) are on a pretty tight budget.  There are loads of recipes out there that are fast, cheap and easy.  You're on a budget, you're staying late at NOT give it to the fast food monster.  You will so regret it! 
 It's expensive to your wallet and your waistline!
One of my very favorite websites is AllRecipes.  Not to mention there are always tons of those little cookbooks at the checkout stand...invest in a couple.

Ask for Help
Enlist your friends and family (especially teenagers!) to help you with cutting out laminating,
grading papers, etc.  That will free you up to do the things that really need your attention.

If You Can Work On it At Home...Bring it Home
Now, I'm not talking great big huge projects that you have to lug home, but smaller things that you can do in the comfort of your own home.  I have scrounged up an extra copy of our math series and keep one set of manuals at home.  That makes lesson planning so much easier...and I do it on the couch in the comfort of my own home.

 Be Good to Yourself!
Do not spend all of your time being a teacher.  Be YOU!  Pamper and reward yourself!  Check out Groupon, Living Social and other places for good deals on dinner out and spa deals.  Yes, you are probably on a budget, but you are a TEACHER!, you deserved to be pampered (at least every once in a while).  

And that, my dear friends, is my advice to you! Good LUCK!


  1. Perfection! Love the advice.
    Christi =)

  2. Love your advice and all of the great ideas and links you gave to help make being a teacher a little easier and move fun!


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