S'more Product Swap...Take 2

Hi there!  I feel like I've been MIA for a while...but now I'm back!

So today we're talking about Part 2 of the

This time I am reviewing
Welcome to 2nd Grade Pad

and her AMAZING

(Click on the picture to purchase Cynthia's Let's Learn About Poetry unit.)
I have to be honest, after I picked this product I began to wonder if my first graders would be able to do it.  I decided to use it with my top readers and boy, was I pleasantly surprised!

First though, let's talk about the unit itself.  It is divided in to several sections that are each very useful.  The first section is full of definitions of each type of poem used in this unit.  The graphics are adorable and the explanations are thorough and easy to understand.
A BIG PLUS for first graders.
Here are a couple of examples of the information pages:

Next there is a Research Book section.  This is where the students get to actually apply what they are learning.  It is chock full of pages written so that students can view the formats and create their own poems.  (I will show the examples of some of the pages in the photos later in this post, but for now, here is a
clip of the cute cover.)
 Then, there are actual lesson plans that you can use with your students, including links, anchor charts and so much more!  I also adore the cute tips on the side of each page.

Also included are links for books on poetry and links to actual examples of the various types of poems, which will save you a ton of time!

This unit concludes with a Wrapping it Up section.
This section has some very useful ideas as to what to do with the poems once the students have completed them.  There are also invitations for the "Poetry Cafe".  (How cute is that?!?!)

So, here are some examples of the amazing work that my students were able to churn out thanks to Cynthia's fabulous unit.

 First we started with an Acrostic Poem.  They LOVED using their names and did a pretty good job brainstorming various adjectives for their names.  This one, obviously is Emma's (I've called her Emma-Bo-Bemma long before she was a student in my classroom.  She opted out of doing that long version of her name though.)

Then we moved on to autobiographical poems, which is a perfect poem-type for first graders, because as much as we love them, the world pretty much does revolve around them...at least according to them.  :-)  I loved how easy this was to use!  You can't see it, but on the left, it takes you step-by-step with what the students should be writing on each line.

Next up were Cinquain Poems.  These were a little bit harder for them, but it didn't take them long to get the hang of it.  They actually had a great time cracking each other up writing silly lines for their friends' poems and their own.

We also tried our hand at some Diamante Poems, which I had never, in all my years of teaching, had kids try to write...but I will definitely try it again in the future, because they were really FUN!  (and terribly telling...there was one that gave me a lot of insight into one of my students...all good, but a it made a lightbulb go off in my head!)

The last type of poetry we learned about were Haikus.  I can remember writing these in HIGH SCHOOL, so I was pretty stinkin' impressed that my 6 and 7 year olds could churn these out!

Don't you love the Oh, oh, ah, oh, oh at the end of the Monkey poem?  Hahaha!

I really hope that you enjoyed reading all of their poems.  Next year I will definitely be using this fabulous unit when I move up to second grade.

I hope you'll stop by and check out Cynthia's unit.  It is very well thought out and is very user-friendly.  I love all of the examples that are already found for you and can be easily accessed by clicking on the hyperlinks.

Now, Cynthia at 2nd Grade Pad has kindly donated a copy of her Let's Learn About Poetry unit.  Don't miss out on your chance to win.  Simply enter the Rafflecopter below.

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And a BIG thank you to Samantha, aka
for organizing this Product Swap! 


  1. Your haiku example cracked me up! I once had a student write 'frog' for EVERY SINGLE SYLLABLE! It was shortly after that I decided perhaps the nuances of haiku were too much for my class!

  2. I have also been using Cynthia's poetry unit in my classroom - it's GREAT!!

  3. Cyndie, what a terrific job you did with Cynthia's unit! The person who wins this Rafflecopter certainly is a lucky duck!
    Thanks for sharing,
    The Fun Factory

  4. I absolutely loved Cynthia's Poetry Unit! I enjoyed reading the kid's poems. Thanks for sharing!

    Crayonbox Learning

  5. It looks wonderful and its definitely something I struggle to teach! :)


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