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I hope this post leaves you wanting s'more and s'more of the featured products!

 I am reviewing two of the Three Little Pigs units from

But before I get to the review, I want to tell you a story about the ladies who created The Fun Factory.
Once upon a time there lived two amazing ladies who lived in the (not so) far away land known as Texas.  Susan, one half of this wonderful pair, developed a fondness for poodle purses and the Kathy, the other half of this creative duo, developed a love for sequined hot pants...okay, not really...or maybe really!

Anyway, these two ladies worked together to develop The Fun Factory.   I have to tell you that this is such an appropriately named blog and shop, because these two ladies are nothing but FUN!  FUN!  FUN!

 If you are a fan of fairy tales, keep reading, because Kathy and Susan have created a large variety of fun and useful fairy tale-themed units and activities.
 After much debating I finally selected their Three Little Pigs activities.  
I used the two units pictured below:

Click on the pictures to purchase the products.

I used this with my group of students that has the famous Eddie in it.  He is my sweet little boy who is working so hard to learn English.  It was a great opportunity to work on building his vocabulary and building his sight word vocabulary.  In addition, all of my students received much-needed
practice with positional words.

I have to tell you that as I was preparing to use this unit, I was scrounging around school looking for anything Three Little Pigs related and came across these adorable puppets!
Don't you just love when something like that happens????

The first thing that we did was to use the vocabulary and picture cards and discuss the meaning of each of them.  The students enjoyed taking the words and make sentences using them.  There were also a very nice collection of picture cards included in this unit and they were just the right size for the students to hold and identify.  They also fit so nicely in our pocket chart.  Here is a sampling:

Aren't the graphics adorable?

Next, we read the little books that came in the unit.
Isn't this so cute?  Absolutely perfect for my little group.  I loved that the text was simple and used important sight words, and that the pictures really enhanced the students' understanding of what they were reading. 

(I edited sweet Eddie's and added arrows to label the picture to help him with comprehension.)
We practiced reading the story several times and then they retold it to our class using the
above pictured puppets.  One of my students even gave the performers a standing ovation! 

Then, we worked on sequencing the beginning, middle and end using this fabulous template that
was included in the unit.

 They LOVED doing this activity!  They were so engaged and there was a lot of communication and discussion going on which is not always the case with this particular group.

Have you heard of Apps Gone Free?  It's my favorite app!  Anyway, this interactive book just happened to be featured one day and I snapped it up!  The kids really enjoyed it.  The text was much more difficult, but because they had read the story included in this unit, they were able to plow through it and recognize many of the words and completely understood the story (even though it was a slightly different variation).
This app also has a "read to me" feature.

Look at these three little darlings hard at work!  They were so engaged!
(Not that I would ever think that my students were little piggies, but it was really hard not to edit this picture by adding little curly tails onto the kiddos!)

To wrap up this group of lessons we took all of the knowledge that we had gained from using this great unit...the story, the beginning, middle, end page, the vocabulary...and completed a sequencing activity that I pulled out of my dusty, old file cabinet.  I believe it was a Frank Shaffer activity.

If you work with preschoolers, kindergarteners, first graders or second language students, I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing these two units.  However, through the kindness and generosity of The Fun Factory, you can enter for a chance to win these fabulous units.  All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter by becoming a follower of their blog, and just for fun, there is a survey question for you to answer!
Remember if you don't win to hop on over to their store and purchase the item for yourself and your kiddos!

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 A HUGE than you to the Poodle Purse Princess, Susan, and the Hot Pants Queen, Kathy, for allowing my students to use these fabulous activities and allowing me to review them!

Another HUGE thank you to Samantha over at

for organizing our Product Swap!



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