If you're out of school already, CONGRATULATIONS!  You made it to SUMMER VACATION!
For those of you who are still in (like me), I know you're on the major countdown, right?
We have 7 days left, but this is how next week is looking...Monday - holiday, Tuesday - regular day, Wednesday & Thursday - professional development for the program I'll be teaching next year and 
Friday - Field Day.  I can do this right?  Right?  You can do this, too!  Right?  Right?

Some day when I have nothing better to do (Is there ever that day?), I want to conduct a study on whether children really bring out their most challenging behaviors at the end of the year or it just seems that way!  

My principal brought up a great point on Friday.  Think about an Olympic sprinter.  Let's say, this amazing sprinter...Usain Bolt.

Watch any sprinter.  When they are nearing the finish line, do they ease up or bring it?  Of course, they bring it...compare it to the end of the school year. 

Finish strong!  Point well taken.
I am not a runner, but I have many friends they are.  They agree that the analogy is a great one.  :-)

With that in mind, this is what we are working toward to end our year in style and help keep those behaviors in check so you can maximize the teaching time that you have left.

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My students have been earning tickets for the past week.  It will continue on through the next to the last day of the year.  On that day, they will have to decide how they want to spend their tickets.  They need 10 for admission to the movie
and then they work on earning these tickets to use toward snacks and drinks.
This unit also includes a list of concession suggestions, but I'm sure all of my creative friends out there can think of more.

Then, and this is my kids' favorite part, they construct a cardboard car that they can sit in on the last day and enjoy the movie at the "drive in".

Here is the one my sweet son constructed.

 First, he spray painted a moving box that we got at Lowe's for a dollar and change.

Next, using a template that he found on the internet and scrapbook paper, he created 2 of these cool flames for the sides.

 COOL!  Looking good!
Then, he folded in the flaps leaving the front one slightly up.

 Next, he added some sparkling scrapbook paper headlights.  
(Afterward we thought how cool it would have been to attach tap lights!)

 A paper plate makes a great steering wheel.  He attached it using these huge brads that we found at Michaels.

Finally, he added four paper plates, using those same brads, for wheels.
How completely fun is that!  Best of all, you won't need to worry about anyone touching anyone else, because your kiddos will pretty much be contained, plus all of the mess from their feast will fall right 
into their car.  Smart, huh?

Also included in this unit is a pattern for creating a wallet to hold their tickets.
And there are movie trivia cards to use to entertain the kids during "intermission" aka bathroom break!

Finally, there are gift ideas for your students and volunteers to incorporate this theme as well as bookmarks and all of the directions that you need to make your end of the year a huge success!

 This is for one of my volunteers.  I got the popcorn container at the dollar store.  (I think there were 3 in a pack.) and filled it with that fun crinkly tissue shred stuff, 2 movie size candy boxes and a gift 
card to the movies.

This is the one for the kiddos.  Again, the popcorn bags came from the dollar store (10 for $1).  I also found the 3-D glasses there and they are GREAT!  I then filled the bag with treats and bookmarks as well as a list of summer reading activities.


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The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort.  The tough problem is not in identifying winners:  it is in making winners out of ordinary people.  ~K. Patricia Cross

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