Add chocolate in there and you've got pretty much 3 of my favorite topics, with a little George Clooney or Blake Shelton mixed in there for good measure!

So, if you haven't heard it's time for one of those AMAZING Teachers Pay Teachers sales!
(Clicking the picture will take you directly to my store.)

I, along with many other sellers will have everything marked down 20% in our stores.  Then, TPT adds another discount on top of that to make your savings, a WHOPPING 28%.  
(Don't you just love a bargain?!)

BUT, only for YOU and my Facebook followers, do I have a SPECIAL, AMAZING DEAL!

For every 2 products that you buy, you can get one FREE!
This is how it works:  You purchase two items from my store and then email me at  Tell me the username you used to purchase your products and the name of the item (which will be the least expensive of the three) that you'd like for FREE!  
Yep!  It's that simple.  And best of all, there's NO LIMIT!

So, what to buy...what to buy?  
Well, I happen to have some suggestions for you below.

Are you into theme-ing out your room?  Well, I'll bet I have something for you.  
I have tons of room themes and if you don't see it, just ask!

How about book boxes?  I have tons of labels that you can personalize yourself to fit whatever categories you need.  All you do is open up the labels and Powerpoint and then add whatever text you'd 
like in your preferred font.
Each set comes with 8 different labels. 
These look so great when they are all done up!

Units?  Well, I've got some of those, too.  Many seasonal ones and many that focus on Common Core Standards.  Pop on over and check them out!

How about a game or two to reinforce basic concepts or Common Core Standards?  I love these, because they are easy to download, laminate, cut and use in a center or for early finishers.

What do you use for behavior management.  This clip chart system works fabulous in my classroom.  Pick one out in your favorite theme or in a basic school theme.  I also have a ton of token boards that work well with behavior management as well.

Ahhh!  These Common Core organizers are some of my very best sellers.  You can find them with or without the "I Can" statements and in a couple of different styles.  I use these and they make displaying what your students are working on a snap!

I hope you find what you're looking for and are able to take advantage of the wonderful TPT sales!

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