Sorry I have been MIA, BUT...

WOW!  It feels like forever since I have been here.  I don't even want to look at the date of my last post.
BUT...I'm sure you can relate to how crazy the end of the year can be...and cramming a 2-day training, field day, room clean up, movie day, report cards, RTI, talent show (where the staff had to perform) and a million other things into the last two weeks of school does not help!

BUT...there was an amazing reward waiting for us when all of that was accomplished.  The day that school was out, some of my amazing friends and I loaded up our friend's Suburban and headed to Temecula.  


Have you ever heard of Temecula?   It was always famous in my mind as the home of the Temecula Stampede..cowboys, horses and rodeo arenas.  It's located in California and home to some very gorgeous wineries.  Who knew!?!
I am not a wine drinker, but I did try a couple.  They were pretty yummy, but just still not
my cup mug of tea beer.
I did learn a lot about wine, especially from my friend Lauren.  I could probably now hold about a 5 minute conversation about wine.  LOL!

My favorite winery that we went to was Ponte.
Just take a look at the gorgeous grounds and you'll see why!

They even host weddings and have little cottages where you can stay.

While we were there, we enjoyed a delicious lunch.  So nice to be able to eat outside in June.  
In Las Vegas, you'd be melted down into just a puddle in your shoes!

This is my wonderful friend, Lauren, showing us her gigantic burger! 
(She always says she has the appetite of a 6 year old!  Any 6 year old would be 
lucky to have a lunch like this!)

From left to right:  Michele, the most amazing special ed teacher ever!; Melissa, our PE teacher and can you believe she is getting married this weekend, but still made the trip; Jenifer, the friend I have known the longest and the one out of our group who will not be at our school next year as she is leaving to become to director of the William McCool Science amazing of a job will that be?; and Caron, our truly fabulous and gorgeous speech therapist.  Also joining us on the trip were Becky, my "partner in crime" at work...we are always joined at the hip; and beautiful Lauren, our health aide who schooled us on wine, hats, double sided apparel tape and cool apps for your iPhone.
This was also taken on the grounds of Ponte.  Don't I have the most amazingly beautiful friends?  If you ever were lucky enough to meet them, you'd know their beauty definitely radiates from the inside out.

My friend Lauren and me...this is her pre-giant hamburger picture!  Isn't her hat just too cute? 

This me me, Melissa and Lauren at a little karaoke cowboy bar.  We stopped in there after eating at this little cute Greek restaurant.  Both are in Old Town Temecula.

They also have Old Town Temecula, which is where we ate and shopped. What?  Shopping with a group of women?  I know you're shocked!  They had some really cute shops there.  AND I managed to get my son's long sought after bacon soda (GAG!) and chocolate bacon covered soda (DOUBLE GAG!) at this cool little shop that sells only bottled sodas.  Pretty cool!
 I cannot begin to tell you how fun this trip was and what a great reward it was for a very long and trying school year.  It was so nice to have it to look forward to as the end-of-the-year craziness set in.

I do, however think it was a little difficult for us to settle into summer vacation mode and leave
the real world behind.  HAHA!

CHEERS to a fantastic trip, Ladies!  Next year...THE BEACH!

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