What is a Bio Bubble?

Recently I was contacted by Educents to review something called a Bio Bubble.  It sounded super cool, so I decided to give it a go!

A few days later, this box arrived at our house.

Inside was this:
There are two different types of Bio Bubbles...one for aquatic animals and one for land animals.  Each are equally amazing!

The aquatic Bio Bubble is the one we chose and it comes with everything that you see here:
It doesn't really show it in the picture, but the bubble is about a foot in diameter.
It also has a variety of lights, including one that is for the glo-rocks and plants that you've probably seen at the pet stores.

After unpacking, we set upon assembling.  My 11-year old son was able to assemble the entire kit with my supervision.

We added some cute Spongebob accessories.

I love how the filtration system is built in and centered.  It doesn't distract or block the fish when you are trying to look at them.
This is what it looked like when it was completely set up. You fill it with water before pushing down the dome and after adding all of the accessories.  It snaps right into place.  The light then fits right on the top and has a push button for turning it on and off.
The final thing we had to do was add fish.  We started with 3 simple plattys.  My son named them Mickey (because we got one that had the Mickey Mouse markings on the tail), Spike and Bob (don't ask...I did...he went into this whole montage about 2 people that were named Frank and Bob.)
Now, fish apparently, are quite camera shy.  This was the best pic I could get of them actually swimming in the Bio Bubble and I believe this is the semi-famous Bob.
You can see how crystal clear the water is in this picture, too.

While school is not in right now for us, my son has had friends flocking to our house to check this out. When school resumes in August, this will be moving right into my classroom.  The kids will be so excited about it, I just know!

If you would like to own one of your very own Bio Bubbles, they are on sale right now at Educents.  Just follow this link to take you there and you can own one of your very own!

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  1. How does one get picked to review products from companies. It seems great to be able to do this and I would love to do it as well.


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