It's time for...CURRENTLY!

It's time for one of my favorite features...CURRENTLY.  
If you enjoy reading these as much as I do, you can check out more over with Farley at Oh, Boy Fourth Grade.  I don't even teach fourth grade, but I love reading her blog, because she is just a hoot!

So, here is my latest installment of Currently

Listening:  I don't know about you, but I still cannot get in the groove of sleeping in.  The advantage of that is the total peace and quiet of the TV blaring, no slamming of the doors, no lawnmower sounds, no police radio like yesterday morning (Yep, not fun to wake up and find 2 police cars parked across your driveway...but that's a long story...let's just say they were looking for someone in our neighborhood and everything turned out well)...but other than that, I just love it!  

Loving:  Freedom, for sure!  This is a two-fold thought.  I cannot imagine living in a country where I did not have the freedoms that we have in our country.  We are so lucky to live in America.  Yes, the economy is bad and yes, like with any other country, there are down parts to living in America, but overall, this is an amazing and beautiful place to live.  I am reminded of that every day.
The other part of freedom that I love is the freedom of the summertime.  The freedom to pretty much do what you want, when you want.  You your own boss.  Who doesn't love that!??!?!  Now don't get me wrong, I love my boss...I just love being my own boss, too!

Thinking:  Upstairs in our house, we have a loft and bedroom for my sweet son to sprawl out and enjoy life.  (Must be nice, huh?)  Anyway, we have been working on some ideas for recreating that space.  I'll bet I've looked at over 100 ideas online.  Between that and getting new countertops in our kitchen, we'll be thinking renovation for quite a while this summer.

Here's a pic of on of last year's renovation flooring.  It's really A LOT prettier in person.  (I told you my house was tiny!)
 Wanting:  Golly, Ned, it's been H-O-T here!  Yesterday we even made the national news for our high temps here in Vegas.  WHEW!  Not even the cool of the pool seems to be helping.  I can hack it up to about 100 degrees, but after that I am gonners!  In the history of recorded weather in Las Vegas, it has only hit 117 degrees twice, and it's been lingering around there quite a bit lately.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!

Anyone have an extra room in a cooler part of the US?
 Needing:  MUST.GET.MOTIVATED!  I seem to be so hit and miss for my eating and exercising lately.  I need to GET IT IN GEAR and KICK IT IN THE BUTT!!!!  (I'm not yelling at you, I'm yelling at me...that's why the all caps.)  I've got goals, ya know!?!?

Tips, tricks or hints:  Here's my tip and I've really been trying to work on it a lot lately.  Be real.  I absolutely LOVE reading about people.  They fascinate me, they really do.  I know when I meet someone new I must sound like I am totally interrogating them.  "Where are you from?  How'd you meet your husband?  What do you do?"  Blah, blah, blah, the barrage of questions must really be annoying, but I really do find people interesting.  So, my tip is to be real...share some parts of your own life.  It really is  interesting, at least to me, to read about others.  

Me and my sweet son at Disneyland last year.
 Well, that's it.  Another issue of Currently is in the books on the blog.  Remember to check out Farley's blog for more fun reads!


  1. That's a great tip! :-) And we are slightly cooler here...come on over!

    Craft of Teaching

  2. I can't believe how warm it is there!!! I will try not to complain when we get to 90 degrees for a few days after seeing that! Your advice is great, I never know how much to share of my own life. I wonder if people just want to read the teacher stuff and are okay, enough about you get to the classsroom!! But I am like you, I like peeks into the real life stuff, like your house, I love that fireplace.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  3. Your son is adorable Cyndie! And I absolutely love your fireplace, it looks so cozy! Thanks for sharing your Currently and being an awesome friend! :)

    Sugar and Spice

  4. Yikes! And I was whining about our 108 degrees here in Northern Nevada!


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