On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

Did you see the total price if you purchased all of the items in the 12 Days of Christmas song this year?  The total cost would be $27,393.17, which is a 7.7% increase over last year's total cost of $25,431.18.

WOW!  Wish I could find a boyfriend like that!  Although, not sure I'd know what to do with most of the items on that list.  Although since today is Day 5, thinking I could definitely make use of the 5 golden rings!

Fortunately, the items that we're offering aren't nearly as expensive!

Today I'm offering one of my hottest items for 50% off.
Do you use interactive notebooks in your classroom?
We do, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!  The kids get so excited when we use them, plus right there in one place I have evidence of teaching as well as proof of their understanding.  Cool, right?

 I know that some teachers dread the mess that the cutting can make, but I really strive to make my flip flaps as low mess as possible. 

If you've used these, I hope you'll take a minute to leave me a comment to let me know how you and your kiddos like them.  

If you're keeping count, we're on Day 5...almost halfway there.

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