On the First Day of Christmas...

Hi Everyone! 

Did you know that exactly 12 days from today is Christmas Day? 
(Minus a very important day of remembrance for Sandy Hook on Saturday.)

Because you have been so amazing, I'm excited to announce that I, along with several other sellers are celebrating the Teacher's 12 Days of Christmas!

Here's how it works. Everyday from now until Christmas Day, I'm going to be offering one of my best selling products for 50% off for one day only. 
These products are all resources that will be useful after the New Year. Oh, and did I mention that each day the product will get bigger and bigger? So, as Christmas gets closer, you'll be able to grab my biggest resource for 50% off! 

Today I'm offering my...

Addition and Subtraction Story Problem Cards. 

At 50% off, you can grab them for just $2!
These are great for those last three minutes before lunch, engagement during bathroom breaks, or even for brain breaks!

 Each day, for twelve days, the stores linked below will offer a different product at a 50% discount.

 Follow these store links and look for the discounted product linked to each store's quote.

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  1. Thanks for a great giveaway!! I'm really enjoying looking at and grabbing some of your units!!


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