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I stumbled across this very cool blog a little while ago and thought about how much I loved the topics she used and wrapped it all up in a whole lot of fun and called it
(Click on the pic to take you to Sunny Days in Second Grade's blog.)

It IS called My Truth MONDAY, so we'll just call me Tardy to the Party.  LOL!  
But I loved this topic so much that I had to still blog about it.

Do you ever pick a word, just one little word, to sum something up?  So often people pick a word to help them achieve or survive the upcoming year.  Last year my word was "faith" and little did I know how much I would rely on it throughout the year and in my every day life.  Faith will always be my word, but this year I am adding a new word.  This year

Why excel?  Do you ever feel like you have 20 things going on at once and can't seem to do anything well, mostly because you are spread so thin?  That's how I feel most of the time.  So I have decided to pick a few things and do them well...hopefully really well!

First on the list is mommyhood.  That's always a top priority, but if I'm being honest, sometimes mommyhood gets pushed aside by run here and do this.  Back to the top of the list it goes and it's going to stay there.  I mean, look at this sweet boy.  How can I not make him number 1 always?!?!  Besides, I think I blinked my eyes and he went from this
(Insert awwwwws here.)
to this.

Next on the list is all things new ALM program that I'm TPT store...and my poor, poor neglected blog.

(I also have my finger in another little venture that I will be revealing at a later date...something fun and not school related.)

I also need to do some long overdue excelling in fitness...UGH!  That always seems to be the hardest.  But see that adorable boy up there?  I've hired him to be my personal trainer.  (and I'm so glad he works cheap!)  Better inside will (hopefully) make for better outside and better outside will make for a better inside!

Along the way I plan to do a lot of excelling in laughing, loving, having fun, hanging with friends and family.  I plan to excel at not stressing out and enjoying life more.  I mean you've seen my wonderful kid, but take a look at these amazing women...
 I am so lucky to have them in my life...the greatest of friends...not to mention my fabulous friends that I collaborate with often in the online world. 

 OK, maybe that seems like a lot,  but I will be updating on how I am doing.

So...what's your one little word?  I'd love to hear.  Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what it is.

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  1. The word for this year is "Absolutely"...the reason this word was chosen is because one of my co-workers chose it for us to say no matter what we faced as preschool teachers. So many times throughout the day, there are unforeseen circumstances that arise in the classroom, with parents, and other individuals, you wonder when is this day going to be what I am doing making a Friday ever coming. ABSOLUTELY....what a positive powerful word to speak!


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