Sail Through Spring...Make Your Planning a Breeze & TPT Sale

I know that some of you have just had winter break, but here in Las Vegas, we don't have that...and Spring Break is a long way off.  So, along with some of my other amazing blogging/teaching buddies, we are offering up some tips to help you sail through Spring.

Here is my biggest advice...and I definitely need to remember to listen to myself.

Take Care of Yourself!

This is the long haul.  It seems like our bodies are tired and give into sickness much easier this time of year.  I have already started trying to eat better.  Nope...not perfect, but I'm aiming for improvement.  I even have slipped an Airborne in my lunchbox, just in case.

Do you feel like this?

It's time to change that...just for a minute...or an hour...or a day...or...
Set time aside each week, or at least every other week, to do something nice for yourself.  Need some ideas?  How about:

Get a pedicure.
Buy yourself flowers.
Eat lunch outside.
Pack yourself a special lunch.
Take a class that truly interests you.
Take notice of the beauty of nature.
Cruise Pinterest for FUN things.
Go shopping by yourself.
Visit a park, an art gallery or a museum.
Treat yourself to dinner out on the town.
Go cosmic bowling.
Take a wine and painting class with friends.
Crank up the tunes on the way to work.
Go for a run or a long walk.
Watch your favorite movie.
Enjoy a long, hot bubble bath.
Think of anything except school.
Download a new app.
Run through the sprinklers.
Give yourself a pat on the back.

So now for the making planning a breeze part!

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Easy Peasy!

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