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 Hi there, everyone!  Welcome back to the

So today is our first official day of Spring Break!  Yahoo!  
I do have to admit that I have let ideas of next year sneak into my mind...I just can't help it!
One of the first things that I allow myself to think about is some new room decor.
I do change my room every year (except the year I had a frozen shoulder...far too painful to even think about taking paper down and putting new up).  

So, today I thought I'd share some tips to consider when picking decor.  I hope they provide some inspiration for you, if a room decor is what you're thinking about.

Maybe you're considering filling your room with a cool color combo.

 Maybe glitter or plaid is more your style.

Maybe you have a passion for the great outdoors or the beach, or maybe your school is using an adventure or mascot theme.  It's always great to integrate those things into your decor.

Sometimes I find inspiration in the strangest of places...a piece of fabric, a book, someone's home decor colors, an interest that I'm just developing. Maybe you're a die-hard sports fan and want to incorporate that into your classroom.  Ideas are everywhere! 

One of the first things that I do is create a secret Pinterest board.  Sometimes I just collect random ideas on there until something just "sticks".  That's how I know that it is just right!  I have to feel it!  I love doing a big reveal of what my classroom theme will be to all of my sweet internet buddies.
 I know that many people think decking your room out costs tons of money, but here are some things to consider to help cut the costs:
the dollar store
garage sales
other teachers' discards
thrift stores
using cardboard and other displays at your local store
clearance racks
painting what you already have (LOVE Fusion covers everything!)
building and creating your own materials
and of course there are coupons and discounts

 My thinking is that I spend 9 months of the year and most of my waking hours during those 9 months in my classroom.  I also love to have an inviting and warm place for my kiddos to come to learn.  So to me, it is worth investing.

Below are some of the themes that I have used in the past.

This is my classroom this year...a learning safari.

Part of my space classroom from a few years ago.  (My dad built this little reading spot out of PVC pipe.)

My busy buzzy room!

This is my pirate classroom.  It was one of my faves!

So creating an inviting space is so much fun, as you can see! 
I hope that if you're considering creating one for your classroom, this post has helped!

I hope that you'll continue hoping around and collecting some amazing ideas on the Bright Ideas Blog Hop!

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