Two for Tuesday

I haven't done Two for Tuesday in a while...heck, I haven't even blogged in a while!  
So I thought I'd just back in with two products for you this week.

First up is something I just finished...I mean JUST!
I have a huge selection of editable book box labels in my store and thought the time had come to bundle them up and today you can grab the entire set, which features EIGHTY-TWO (yes, I need an intervention) different sets of labels.  Each set has 4 labels.  

Anywhoo...these normally sell for $3 a set, but today you can get the whole sha-bang for just $5!  That's enough labels and themes for an entire teaching career and then some!

...and did I mention that they are EDITABLE!
(I sound like a used car salesman, don't I?)

Anyway, here is product number one for Two for Tuesday.

Now for product #2.  I am not sure if you are familiar with my Explain-It-All series, but it's a series of ELA products featuring various topics.  Each set has a wide variety of activities (flip flaps, pre and post tests, print and name a few).

Anyway, my sweet friend Mel from Graphics From the Pond has created the cutest kids for these units.  When she sent me the bundle, there was one boy who reminded me so much of my sweet son.  So, I created a set with his name...Cayden Explains All About Compounds.

I told him that all of the profits from the sales this week would be his to know middle school boys and their constant quest for money.  I figure it is only fair since he is my bounce-ideas-off-of, what-do-you-think-of-this, thank-you-for-putting-up-with-my-computer-time guy!

So here is product #2.

and just in case you needed to see the real Cayden...

OK...this is an old picture, but do you see the resemblance?

Thank you for stopping by!

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