Hide and Go Seek Blog Hop

The Teaching Tribune bloggers have teamed up to bring you amazing freebies and the chance at one of 2 $50 TPT gift certificate as well as a custom door hanger (for a US winner). We will select one US winner and one international winner for the gift certificates!

As you play Hide and Go Seek, you will hop to 20 blogs where you will collect freebies. Hidden in each freebie is a school supply with a price tag. You will need to collect all 20 supplies and add up the price tags. Once you have the sum, then you will enter to win one of two $50 TPT gift certificate as well as a custom door hanger at the final stop, The Teaching Tribune. 

If you are looking for school supplies to fill your backpack, then you are at the right place! Start by downloading the recording form


This is the 14th stop as you play Hide and Go Seek Back to School Blog Hop.

 Are you ready? Well, what are you waiting for...get seeking!

Now all you need to do is download my freebie and find the school supply! Then you will complete a circle with the other bloggers to collect their freebies and school supplies. 

Click the Find my freebie button.

This freebie is sampling from my Science Interactive Notebook and Experiments Unit - Matter.  If you want to find the complete products, you can find them here:



You can complete the loop by starting at the first blog or continue on by visiting the next stop. Either way, you will make a complete loop to all the blogs, freebies, supplies, and final prize!

Don't forget to become a follower of our blogs as you continue on. You never know what we will be doing next!

Just click either picture below to continue Hide and Go Seek! 

Make sure you make it to the final stop at The Teaching Tribune to enter to win!

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