Giving Back...My Favorite Time of Year

I am trying so hard to remember to breathe this season...breathe and take it all in.  

I love the hustle and bustle, the lights, the excitement in children's (and grownup's) eyes, the wonderful spirit of it all, and the true meaning of Christmas. 

Ahhhhhhh!!!  Breathe!

As many of you know I am incredibly grateful for all things TpT...the friends, the sharing of ideas, the knowledge gained, and of course the ability to support our little family. 

I always love giving back.  I always spend a percentage of my earning to help a family, support a worthy cause, or donate to a charity.  I can't help it...I love sharing!

A fellow TPTer came up with a dedicated day of giving, so I couldn't help but join in!  LOVE!
Tomorrow, 50% of what I earn will go to provide Christmas for children.
The person that coined the phrase "Christmas is for children", couldn't be more accurate.  
50% of the profits from your purchases on December 14th will go directly to fund as many family Christmases as I can make it stretch.

You can find my store by clicking here.

To find other amazing bloggers and sellers that are participating, just check out the space below!

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