No Worksheet Wednesday (with a bonus)

Today was a crazy new student-getting, book character dressing, magician performing, IEP having day, is also...

But before we get to that though, it was also book character dress up day, and I just have to share some adorable costumes that I saw.

It has been a tradition in my class for us to dress up as a group.  We've been Farmer Brown and the farm animals, and last year we were Things 1-22 and the Cat in the Hat.

This year, after much debate, we went with 101 (OK, 23) Dalmatians and Cruella DeVille.  Each student made their own costume and they were very inexpensive to create.

Anyway, on to No Worksheet Wednesday.

We always start our day with Mission Possible Math, an idea I got from the fabulous Hope King.  You can read about it here.

The students usually solve a problem in their math journals, but today they did the creating and the solving.  Their mission today was to create 2 problems for their partner to solve, swap, and solve.  They did a pretty good job!

After Mission Possible math, we go right into our regular math routine.  We have been working on place value and today we solved math problems in our journals and then used our Plickers cards to show the answer.  (If you haven't checked out Plickers yet, you should!  It's an amazing way to do quick assessments with your students...and it blew my principal's mind!..and mine, too!  Isn't technology great?!?!)

After math, our school was so fortunate to attend an assembly sponsored by The Public Education Foundation.  Only in Las Vegas can a performer from The Strip be found entertaining students in a school.  My students were completely amazed by Mac King (and as a bonus, my son came to my classroom to perform a couple of his own magic tricks!)

The afternoon was all about our Fairy Tale Study.  We are currently digging deeper and examining characters.  My students loved doing this.  While these may look like worksheets, they really are used for researching and recording.  You will notice that the ratio of student work to pre-printed text is vastly in favor of the student work.

 We also, had to have a Brain Break, and of course, what would be more perfect than "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

The last part of the day was all about inventors.  We are laying the foundation for our paper airplane unit. We watched a biography of the Wright Brothers.  The students were then asked to reflect and write in their journals about how our lives would be different if the Wright Brothers hadn't ever experienced success.
(Sadly after all of the picture taking, my battery died.  Note to self...purchase another charger to keep at school.)

Anyway, that's how our first Worksheet Wednesday went.  I think we had a load of brain power and thinking going on...and don't forget, building those dendrites!


  1. Fun stuff Cyndie! Looks like you had a great, busy day! Hey I have been doing the 101st day of school since 2007 if you want my pack I will send it on over.
    Teaching and Much Moore

  2. Cutest dalmatians EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh my Cyndie, you are a busy girl! The dalmatians are so adorable. I want to get some Literacy Week activities going in my school: Dress up as a character being high on my list! Thanks for sharing your awesomeness.


  4. I want to come to your school!!! So much fun stuff going on!

  5. I love the dress up! You are such a fun teacher! :)

  6. LOVE it! Such wonderful and engaging activities :)
    The Techie Teacher


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