2 for Tuesday

It's time for another edition of 2 for Tuesday.

We were going to take the week off, but it was such a hit last week I couldn't disappoint.

So here we go!

This week I am featuring my 2 newest products.

Let's take a peek inside of each of these.

Here is what you can find in the Reading Interactive Notebook product.

The addition product is the first in a series of Math Essentials.
Here is a peek inside of it.

Be sure to check out these other fabulous sellers and the great products they have on sale this week!


  1. Wow! These products are packed with good stuff! I love the reading one! It is so helpful to get to see what all is inside a product!

    Fervent First Grade Frenzy

  2. Both of those packs look great. I think students would love them!


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