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We have alternative seating in our classroom and this post is about an alternative seating post that is not only cheap and easy to make, it's also super functional.

Look how cute these are!

A few years ago, these buckets were donated to our classroom as part of an Eagle Scout project. They were the large, white paint buckets that can be purchased at your hardware store. They had green, vinyl cushions bolted on the top (but since we've just hot glued them).

This past summer, but wonderful son sprayed them with black chalk paint. Then I used leftover fabric from our crate seats to cover the padding on top.


These are also useful. They are full off supplies that you may need if you are ever in a (I hope it never ever happens to any of us) lock down situation.

Inside you will find toilet paper, a cheap shower curtain, a gallon of water, plastic cups, snacks, phone numbers and emergency contact information for my students, as well as  fun activities (to pass the time) all copied and ready to go.

All that needs to be done is remove the supplies and the buckets can be used for a toilet if you and your students are locked in your classroom for any amount of time. The shower curtain can be attached or held up for privacy. I think everything else is pretty self explanatory.

So, there you go...cute, cheap, easy to create, and useful!

Welcome to “The Chalkies” Turkey Trot! We hope you enjoy a jog through our blogs gobbling up freebies, ideas, and recipes for some holiday joy!

We have a new blog name!  We switched out the word "Primary" for "Elementary". We want to meet the needs of any teacher K-6. Our blog has been thoughtfully designed to help you find what YOU need for YOUR classroom level!

I love those grade level tabs {seen above} that help me grab what I need. This trot will also take you through the grade level blogs of your choice.

We hope you enjoy this little meal from appetizer to dessert!

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Today I am serving up a little sample of my Seasonal Sub Plans. You can check out a small taste of the November one by clicking on the picture below.



As for my bright idea, I have to laugh, because I always say "my" best ideas come from other teachers or bloggers.

One of my favorite things to do is record some of the cute and funny things that my kiddos say and turn them into "photos" when I have time. They make for great slides when I make our end of the year slide show.

Here's one of my faves from the day it was 75 degrees outside...you just have to know Vegas kids!

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Now, if you want a delicious taste sensation for your mouth, you've GOT to try this. It is honestly so yummy!
P.S. I make it without the coffee.
(Click on the pic to take you to the recipe.)


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